Terraform – Variables

Introduction Till now we have pretty much kept the code written pretty simple and straight forward. In the real world, it is hardly ever is. Similar to other languages terraform also provides different types of variables and they can be used in many different ways. In this blog, we will introduce various types of terraform variables and see how we can use them inside the terraform code. The blog post is divided into the following sections As you can see it makes a pretty long read. But it will be very helpful in your projects. The various ways of passing variables to terraform helps you manage What is source controlled/what is NOT! How are secrets managed? How is terraform code executed? This blog entry creates the same infra-structure which was built in the previous blog post but uses variables to make it more reusable. Before we get started all the … Read more

Terraform – Security Groups & EC2 instances

Introduction In this blog post, we will see how we can create AWS security groups, EC2 instances and see how they can both be configured together. It is simple and can be done quickly via Terraform. This post is in some sense continuation of the previous post on Security Groups. It introduces how you can configure your EC2 and also introduces an additional security feature – SSH keys. This blog entry is divided into the following sections In addition, to this, we would be using IntelliJ IDE with Terraform plugin for development. All the code for these blogs is now available on GitHub in the following repo. Before jumping into this blog, please make sure you have gone thru the Terraform – Getting Started and Terraform and Security Groups. Create AWS security group So let’s get started. Let’s first create a security group for our blog post. It is similar … Read more

Terraform – AWS Security Groups

Introduction This blog talks about the mythical beast called AWS Security groups and how to implement them using terraform. By the end of this blog, you would be able to do describe security groups, how you can implement them using AWS console, and also via terraform. Once you understand what security groups are, implementing them using AWS console or Terraform is a fairly simple exercise. If you are new to terraform please have a look at the Terraform – getting started blog entry first. This blog entry is divided into the following sections What are AWS Security Groups AWS Security Group as the name alludes has to do with security. It is a virtual firewall for your AWS service and controls inbound and outbound traffic. Security groups are based on simple rules. These rules defined based on three things Protocol Port IP address range Security groups are like a ring … Read more

Terraform – getting started

Introduction I recently was working on a fantastic community project. Terraform happened to be a critical piece of technology in that project and we were really out of our depth when it came to Terraform skills. That inspired me to learn Terraform and explore various aspects of AWS infrastructure provisioning and particularly around networking. So thanks to all the folks for inspiring this series of blog posts. What I discovered was interesting. Terraform is a very structured way of creating cloud resources and has no magic bullet. As a developer, I realised that it was definitely not a mythical beast. Whatever we are doing in AWS console can be pretty much be done via the terraform script there are a few exceptions but not many. That was the easy part. More than Terraform I found you will need to know how deep you want to enter the world of cloud … Read more